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Uxbridge Christmas Party

Many thanks to all those who attended our Christmas party on Friday 14th Dec.

We started with Ducklings and Fawns singing Christmas songs. They had learned their words and actions beautifully during many rehearsals but became a little stage-struck on the day. Never the less they were all amazing, as were Cubs who performed their nativity play the week before.

All were delighted to see Santa as he visited with presents for everyone.

I’d like to thank all the parents and staff who have welcomed me to Cheeky Chums and made me feel very settled and at home.

I look forward to us all working together next year to achieve the best outcomes for our children.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.





Uxbridge Graduation 2016


Our Graduation ceremony was held on Friday 15th July 2016 celebrating the children’s completion of pre-school and their individual development. Over the weeks the children and staff rehearsed very hard to put the show together.
The children were very excited to perform in front of their parents and began the show with an opening speech followed by a French performance. This included the children being dressed up in white t-shirts with a printed French flag singing along to a French song they learnt during their French lessons.

Parents then had the opportunity to share their experiences about the nursery followed by a slideshow of photos of children participating in various activities in the nursery.

The children then proudly received their graduation certificates and presents and also introduced themselves whilst dressed up in their Cheeky Chums graduation gowns and hats.

The ceremony ended with a thank you speech from the pre-school team and we finished off the celebration by taking photos as a whole class of 2016.

The children, parents and staff enjoyed the after party with light snacks and drinks.
We would like to wish all the pre-school Cubs all the best for September 2016 as they grow to be more independent individuals.

Nadia Dawlatzai
(Nursery Manager)

uxbridge-graduation-2jpg uxbridge-graduation-3uxbridge-graduation-4

Uxbridge – Children Chart Art Exhibition and Auction

The children at Cheeky Chums Uxbridge held an exhibition of their artwork on Wednesday 4th of May and Children worked for weeks creating various ark work (Photo frames, handprints, canvas, and bookmarks).All this lovely art work of our children was displayed in an exhibition room. Parents were invited to come along and make a small donation towards their children’s art. Almost all the parents showed their enthusiasm by being present there. The fundraiser was a big success and raised over £200 which nursery donated to the Well Found Charity.
In preparation for the event the children looked at leaflets and posters which displayed some of the work that the charity had taken part in and together we had discussions about the importance of drinking clean water. Raising money for the well found charity gave our children the chance to take part in an exciting event and gave them an opportunity to find out about the life of children in other parts of the world. Our practitioners encouraged the children to develop positive relationships with community members. This developed the children’s in planning activities to support the local community.





Father’s Day at Uxbridge

FathersDayUxbridge01 FathersDayUxbridge02 FathersDayUxbridge03 FathersDayUxbridge04

We had lots of fun making special cards and decorations for our special Daddy’s, Grandad’s and people who are special to us.

Cubs talked about why their dads are special to them and chose sensory activities to share on the special tea. Fawns made cookies for tea; which were delicious. Kittens & Ducklings made ties and shared garden play with their dads.

Dad’s and Grandad’s explored the toys and activities within nursery; we did shaving foam sensory play, hand-printing, construction toys, printing rollers, making chocolate rice; krispie cakes
For Father’s Day tea Chris; our chef made lots of delicious treats. We all had an “I love you, Daddy” story reaffirming why we are celebrating this day. The children chose their favourite songs to share and then we had tea together.

Thank you to all that came and shared this tea with; it really is of paramount importance to us at Cheeky Chums that we can celebrate partnerships with parents and different festivals & celebration with all our families.

Look at the feedback we received for this event.

Parent name: Ian Sandilands
Watched & played with Charlie with most of everything. Charlie has enjoyed the afternoon with fun activities, story & food. Has been a great afternoon being able to see Charlie having loads of fun so happy & playing with other kinds.

Parent name: Adrian Ifill
Enjoyable afternoon. After a quite start, Ella opened up and started to get involve with the usual play & activities. It was good to spend time with Ella in her “Normal” weekday environment. Look forward to the next session. Food “especially the cookies” was good.

Parent name: John Baldry
Really enjoyed coming to see the nursery with all the children playing. Such a nice thing to do so I can spend time with Lily, who was so excited about showing me her nursery.

Parent name: Adam Menasria
Very welcoming staff. It’s a very nice idea with food, drink and snacks available for kids & adults. Very happy with the day. Thank you.

Parent name: Damien Gilmartin
Really enjoyable afternoon. Great to see Christopher playing with others and being so relaxed with all the staff.

Parent name: Costel Chelaru
In a single word “ENJOY”. I loved seeing David around the other kids singing, playing and the most of it is that he likes to be at “Cheeky Chums”. Thanks


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