Uxbridge Graduation

Our Graduation ceremony was held on Friday 15th July celebrating the children’s completion of pre-school and their individual development. Over the weeks the children and staff rehearsed very hard to put the show together.
The children were very excited to perform in front of their parents and began the show with an opening speech followed by a French performance. This included the children being dressed up in white t-shirts with a printed French flag singing along to a French song they learnt during their French lessons.

Parents then had the opportunity to share their experiences about the nursery followed by a slideshow of photos of children participating in various activities in the nursery.

The children then proudly received their graduation certificates and presents and also introduced themselves whilst dressed up in their Cheeky Chums graduation gowns and hats.

The ceremony ended with a thank you speech from the pre-school team and we finished off the celebration by taking photos as a whole class of.

The children, parents and staff enjoyed the after party with light snacks and drinks.
We would like to wish all the pre-school Cubs all the best for September 2016 as they grow to be more independent individuals.

Nadia Dawlatzai
(Nursery Manager)

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