Pre-school: 020 8952 6131 Under 3: 020 8951 5060


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday. 8.00am to 6.00pm


41-42 South Parade Mollison Way
Edgware, HA8 5QL


Our nursery in Edgware is spread over two premises across the road from each other at a really convenient location. Separated by age of the children, the two premises count as two separate nurseries and are inspected separately by Ofsted. However, they are run under a single management team. There is plenty of free parking outside so drop-offs and pick-ups are really easy. We have a capacity for 128 children, 50 pre-school and 78 for under 3 years of age. Both premises are non-smoking as required by law.

Ofsted Registration

Ofsted Registration

Healthy Eating

These are some of the sample menus from our nurseries. For any specials dieteries needs or questions about our food, please contact the manager of your nursery.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch Vegetable & Mash Green Bean & Sweet Potato Carrot & Swede Butternut Squash Cauliflower & Peas
Dessert Mango Pear Melon Banana Apple
Tea Pear Melon apple Mango Banana
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch Mackeral Pasta Bake (Vegetables pasta Bake) Lamb Stew(Soya) with boiled potatoes & Rice Red lentil curry with rice & Naan Chinese chicken with noodles (vegetables with noodles) Roast chicken(Soya) with mash & green beans
Dessert Sponge cake (egg free sponge cake) Bagels with selection of jam Fresh Fruit Cream of tomato soup & bread Fresh Fruit Baked potaotes with beans and cheese Fresh Fruit Macroni cheese Fresh Fruit
Tea Home made soup with Garlic bread Fresh Fruit Cheese Bagels & Salad Fresh Fruit Assorted Sandwiches & Salad Fresh Fruit Baked Potato with Cheese & baked beans Fresh Fruit Wraps Fresh Fruit
  • Lunch is always served with vegetables
  • Breakfast – Assortment of healthy high fibre cereals and wholemeal toast
  • Mid Morning / Afternoon Snack – Assortment of Fresh Fruits, Crackers, Breadsticks
  • Semi Pureed or chopped depending on age and stage of development
  • All meats will be replaced by quorn or vegetables for the vegetarian option.
Bhavika Senghani

A note from the Manager

My name is Bhavika Senghani and I have worked in the Early Years sector for 12 years. In this time, I have gained vital knowledge that has helped me throughout my career. I have been in the leading role of Deputy Manager at cheeky chums for past 3 years and got promoted as ‘Nursery Manager’ in March 2020. Since my promotion, I have driven the nursery to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating by Ofsted, with a CACHE level 5 Diploma in leadership for health and social care and young people’s services.

I have always enjoyed working closely with parents as I believe good communication is the key to building a strong relationship of mutual respect and understanding. I am consistently looking at new ways of making Cheeky Chums a more comforting environment by planning active learning opportunities and facilitating a child friendly environment. My enthusiasm and creative skills have allowed me to share these skills with all my fellow colleagues and children.

As a manager, one of the aspects I focus on includes staff development whereby, I consistently encourage my team to broaden their knowledge by providing them with beneficial training opportunities. I am also a qualified level 6 ‘Special Education Need Coordinator’. One of my strengths is working with children who have additional needs by providing a safe and inspiring learning environment, and truly helping children to flourish in their life and education.

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