Uxbridge – Children Chart Art Exhibition and Auction

The children at Cheeky Chums Uxbridge held an exhibition of their artwork on Wednesday 4th of May and Children worked for weeks creating various ark work (Photo frames, handprints, canvas, and bookmarks).All this lovely art work of our children was displayed in an exhibition room. Parents were invited to come along and make a small donation towards their children’s art. Almost all the parents showed their enthusiasm by being present there. The fundraiser was a big success and raised over £200 which nursery donated to the Well Found Charity.
In preparation for the event the children looked at leaflets and posters which displayed some of the work that the charity had taken part in and together we had discussions about the importance of drinking clean water. Raising money for the well found charity gave our children the chance to take part in an exciting event and gave them an opportunity to find out about the life of children in other parts of the world. Our practitioners encouraged the children to develop positive relationships with community members. This developed the children’s in planning activities to support the local community.





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