Why It Is Safe to Send Your Child Back to Our Nurseries

Why It Is Safe to Send Your Child Back to Our Nurseries 

Daycares are reopening all across the United Kingdom with the safety measures provided by the government. However, parents still have concerns for their child’s safety as the COVID-19 epidemic is still prevalent in the UK. Around 60% of parents admit that they have concern for their child’s health and are not sure about sending their kids back to daycare nurseries. We can’t say about every preschool, but we are taking all the safety measures we can at our daycare to protect your children. Let’s find out why it is safe to send your child back to our nurseries.

Daily Screening

We have made daily screening necessary for all the children and staff members entering the premises. All the parents and children who have travel history or think they might be exposed to novel coronavirus are advised to stay in isolation at home or in health centres.

At our daycare nursery school, we follow the strict screening procedure. We check the body temperature of children and staff every day. If anyone has symptoms of Coronavirus or their body temperature is 100.4°C or above will not be allowed to enter our nursery. Pickup and drop off will be done outside our facility.

Cleaning & Sanitisation

We regularly sanitise our building to ensure that there is no transmission of any germs or bacteria between the children. All the surfaces which are frequently touched by staff or children are cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals at our Nursery School.

Seeing the situation, we have brought changes to our teaching method as well. For example, we have stopped sensory play activities. We are disinfecting toys between uses, and all the toys and objects which can’t be cleaned will not be permitted.

Wearing Mask is obligatory

Staff and Children, above age two, are required to wear a cloth face mask. Parents or any other outsider visiting our daycare nursery will have to wear a mask. We make sure that children do not touch their eyes, noses, and mouths when wearing their masks to prevent potential contamination.

Hand Washing in Nursery School

We make sure all our children and staff members are washing their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before entering the premises and then throughout the day in our Nursery School. We follow hand wash guidelines by the United Kingdom National Health Service.

Social Distancing in Nursery School

70% of parents have a concern for social distancing measures in daycare nurseries. They think they can’t be implemented with children. However, we are quite strict about it. We observe social distancing measures at drop off, pick up and also within the setting. In short, we are enforcing it as much as possible. We have the children into small groups, and an individual caregiver will handle each group. Until the health situation gets better, communal playing and eating outside of these groups will be prohibited.

Regular Communication with Parents

Through our parent partnership program, we are in touch with parents and advising them how they can better take care of their children in this pandemic situation. We recommend them to take care of their child’s nutrition to improve their immune systems. We are also offering healthy food at our nurseries.

So these are a few steps we’re taking to minimise the risk of COVID-19 and promote healthy living during this tough situation.

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