Cheeky Chums Day Care Nursery
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm
All other arrangements on request
Edgware (Pre-school): 020 8952 6131
Edgware (Under 3): 020 8951 5060
Pinner: 020 8868 2621
Uxbridge: 01895 272 970

Parent Partnership

Parents are the primary educators of their child and should be centrally involved in all aspects of nursery life. Information shared between parents and nursery staff about a child’s learning and development helps to facilitate a positive partnership. We are committed to the highest level of partnership.
Staff makes a child’s learning visible to enable parents to understand, contribute to and support learning.


  • Communicate with parents to ensure clarity of purpose and enable the fullest possible of understanding in respect to all nursery activities
  • Involve parents in all aspects of nursery life
  • Operate an open door policy that encourages the fullest possible two way communications
  • Work in close co operation with parents in order to ensure high standards of care and continuity
  • Parents informed on a regular basis about child’s progress
  • Ensure all parents are involved in record keeping
  • Welcome the contributions and suggestions from all parents


  • Hold formal and informal parents evenings
  • Welcome parents to attend during nursery hours to participate in activities
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Parents Diary to keep the key person and nursery staff of activities that the child has been involved in, outside the nursery.