Why Every Daycare Nursery Must Have A Partnership With Parents

A lot of daycare nurseries in the United Kingdom are adopting the concept of a parent partnership programme. They prefer to work with parents for the overall development of children. After all, parents are vital partners in the education of their children. Not only do they influence their child’s attitude toward learning, but also provide them with support at home.

In this post, we will get to know about some key reasons why every daycare nursery must have a partnership with parents, but before that, let’s find out what a parent partnership programme is exactly.

What is a Parent Partnership Programme?

According to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a parent partnership programme is a joint effort of educators and parents to benefit children. The partnership aims at supporting a child’s learning and overall development. Additionally, parents and educators work together to share information about the performance of children and make the decision jointly for their betterment. However, for a partnership to work effectively, it must be built on mutual trust, transparency and responsibility.

Why Daycare Nurseries need to Form a Partnership with Parents

Regular Interaction
One of the significant advantages of the parent partnership programme is that it encourages and maintains regular interaction between the nursery and the parents of a child. By having contact with parents, educators better learn about the needs of children and their home environment. Moreover, it helps in improving academic performance as well.

No matter, in which daycare nursery you enrol your child, trust between parents and educators should be there. Leaving your child in the care of someone you don’t know is not easy, especially at such a young age. A good partnership between parents and nursery ensures that a child is in a trusting environment. Children should feel safe at nursery when they’re not in the company of their parents. It’s advisable, not to forget going through testimonials when getting your child enrolled in a daycare nursery.

As a parent, you must get involved in every stage of your child’s development. Teacher-parent partnership is an ideal way for parents to learn how their children are getting on outside of their care. However, equally, parents need to be in regular contact with daycare nursery. Don’t forget that parents have a significant role in child development.

Stay Up-to-Date

Every child has a different capability when it comes to learning. A partnership with parents guarantees every parent is up-to-date on their child’s learning and development. Moreover, nurseries make changes to their curriculum and working practices from time-to-time. When parents are in touch with their nursery regularly, they stay informed about everything happening in their child’s life.

Putting Partnership with Parents into Practice
There are several ways daycare nurseries put partnership with parents into practice. For instance, nurseries can set a specific time period to interact with parents about their child’s development. It helps both parties raise concerns they have. Besides this, parent’s evening is a popular concept in the United Kingdom to help parents know how their children are doing at school. Some nurseries also organise tea parties for parents to ensure a higher level of parent engagement and also create a community for their children and parents to interact.

These are a few benefits to implementing a string parent partnership programme. If you’re looking for a daycare nursery for your child, make sure they offer a clear and structured parent partnership programme.

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