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What do children get to learn in a High-Quality Preschool Program?

What do children get to learn in a High-Quality Preschool Program?


As a parent of a toddler, you must have started thinking about their development. And a preschool with its environment and education system is one place to begin that development. But that’s not it! It also depends on the teachers and fellow students. Together, they form a learning atmosphere necessary for a child’s development. 


Your child will continue to develop physically, emotionally in literacy and language, socially, and cognitive skills. A preschool teacher will help your child develop all these areas efficiently.


High-Quality preschool learning


All preschools in the UK have learning standards for children that define what they need to learn and should do at a specific age. Teachers will then use these standards to ensure children start to learn and develop different learning areas at the right time.

Learning areas

Since your child is starting to explore the world around them, a preschool teacher will cover all the learning areas. They will pay close attention to children and their interests and devise projects and themes to grow their knowledge. This way, children will start discovering new subjects and gain a deeper understanding once they connect. For instance, a teacher assigns a group project to build a birdfeeder to the class. When your child works with their friends, they will rely on simple maths to measure and make the feeder. They will also use language to communicate their ideas for the birdfeeder. While making the feeder, the children will also read about the different birds that will feed. Such projects and other themes ensure a complete learning experience for the children.


Language speaking and listening

Your child’s language skills development starts at home with you, and it grows when they mingle with others at preschool. Teachers interact with children constantly throughout the day – during playtime, group time, and one-to-one. They boost children to come forward, talk and share their thoughts and ideas about different topics. 



Most children who attend preschool start understanding essential reading habits and what rhyming is. During their time at the preschool, they listen to stories from their teachers and learn to recite them as well. Most of these children learn to read their names and simple words aloud.


Creative Art

Children love to express themselves in unique and creative ways. These involve dancing, painting, and playing. Since they are still young, creativity is a part of all their learning areas. They can express themselves in infinite ways, like building activities, drawing, storytelling, etc. The classroom environment encourages your child’s creative side with materials like playdough, seashells, and chalks to create whatever they want.



Today technology is an instrumental part of education, and the preschool curriculum is no different. Teachers are using technology to encourage children to express themselves, interact more, and learn new things. For example, children can look at ebooks together and read new stories or watch videos on different subjects.


Concluding note

High-quality preschools like Cheeky Chum pay close attention to children’s different development areas. Hence, we design curricula that bring the overall development of your child. Furthermore, we ensure nothing comes in between your children and their curiosity to learn new things while encouraging them to express themselves.


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