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Edgware Graduation 2015

On Saturday 18th July 2015, we held the graduation ceremony for all our Cheeky Chums leavers, parting off, to enter their school lives. It was a day filled with cheers, laughter and tears. Some of the children have been in our care from the very first months of their lives. There were both happy and sad moments during the morning watching them take the next step of their development, knowing full well that they will be leaving us shortly. Over the months both staff and children worked very hard putting their performances together and we would all agree that seeing all their hard work and dedication being put into action was truly remarkable.

The Mayor of Harrow was the chief guest for the graduation ceremony, handing certificates and gifts to the children at the end.
During the ceremony the children performed a Bollywood piece “The Lungi Dance”; they also performed a Spanish song by Los Del Rio “The Macarena”, celebrating all cultures and ethnic background.
Showing us just how happy they are, they also performed The Happy Song, having everyone in the audience on their feet dancing and clapping along with them, their energy radiating through the hall.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the three parents who also got involved in the ceremony, sharing their experiences at Cheeky Chums.
Going from preschool to starting school in September is a big step, but we are very confident that we have equipped our children with the necessary skills they need. We hope they all go on doing well for themselves and wish them all the best for their future. Finally, a huge thanks to all of the Cheeky Cubs parents for all their support throughout their child’s time at Cheeky Chums as we believe that a positive and effective parent-nursery partnership is key to a child’s learning, development and building self-confidence.
Also, a big well done to all of the Cheeky Chums practitioners for their joint effort in organising such a successful day.


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Pinner & Uxbridge Graduation 2015

4We had the delight of sharing graduation for our Cubs children for Pinner & Uxbridge children. Our special guest and certificate presenter was the Deputy Mayor of the London Borough of Harrow Mrs Rekha Shah.
The performances included a wonderful adaptation of “Nini at the Carnival”, 2 French song performances; which the children have learn during their French classes with Madame Sweety, a Bollywood dance and the Macarena.
The celebration was filled with colour, wiggles, claps, smiles and delighted happy tears as we proudly watched each child shine and perform on this wonderful day. Graduation marks a day of celebrating our big children moving on to their big schools, celebrating all the care and development nourishment we have given to allow them to flourish and soar with confidence. It also brings their time at Cheeky Chums to a close in a wonderful way giving our children recognition that they are about to move on to school. It is also a way of our families sharing and celebrating as they transition too; with fond memories and a confident, motivated, exploratory, little Cheeky Chums star.
As it came time for the graduation ceremony each child proudly introduced themselves, and told all the mummy’s, daddy’s, grandparents and friends in the audience which school they will be going to. The Mayor presented the children with a graduator’s certificate as well as a present.
It is an honour to share in the excitement of graduation as well as see the pride and emotions of all the children, family and staff. A huge thank you to all that participated, practiced and celebrated it was an extremely special day.

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