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Importance of Daycare Nursery for Working Mothers

Importance of Daycare Nursery for Working Mothers

In modern society, many mothers are working, regardless of the age of their children. However, it is not easy for mothers to take care of their young children and fulfill a career simultaneously. For such working mothers, daycare nurseries are a lifeline as they can rest assured that their children are safe and in a home-like environment, whilst still developing and learning everyday.

In this post, we will take a look at how daycare nurseries are helping working parents take balance their work and children in harmony.

Financial Stability 

In the current scenario, when the economy is under a massive crisis, the benefits of having one or more earners in a family is clear. Daycare nurseries help working parents focus on their jobs without compromising on their responsibility toward the overall development and care of their children.

When you enrol your child in a reputable daycare nursery, it helps you balance your work and child care responsibilities. Nursery schools help your children build confidence and self-awareness. They also learn to manage their feelings and behaviour. Therefore, working mothers can be sure that their children are in safe hands and on the right track despite the fact they are not unable to be with them all day.

Safety & Home-like Environment

Child safety is a significant concern for every mother, but working mothers are more concerned about it as they have to stay away from their children for a sometimes extended periods of time, depending on their work commitments and last minute work demands.

Thankfully, some daycare nurseries try to provide a home-like environment relieving the stress of mothers as well as their children.  Childcare nurseries provide the setting in which children learn, play, work and eat like they do at their homes. Moreover, qualified staff always takes care of all their basic needs.

Children Learn to be Sociable

Another benefit of putting your children in daycare nurseries for working parents is that their children learn to behave socially.

If being a working mother, you are unable to devote your time to your growing child; a daycare nursery can help you make your child a more confident social little person. Daycare centres are an ideal place for kids to meet other kids. Some of the children might be of the same age, while others may be younger or older. Interacting with children on a day-to-day basis will help them master different socialising skills.

At Cheeky Chums Day Nurseries, we provide a caring, loving and safe atmosphere for your children. Since they are under the supervision of highly-trained staff and teachers, you can give all of your attention to your work, whilst we nurture your child. We started with one nursery and 50 places in 2009, today we have four nurseries with more than 200 full-time places. To know more about nurseries, you can give us a call at 020 89515060 or write to us at


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