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How we became the best Eastcote Nursery

How we became the best Eastcote Nursery.

Searching for quality childcare is a difficult task for most parents. You have to consider many things and stay assured that the nursery will adequately care for your child. Well, let us introduce you to the Cheeky Chums. We are probably the best Eastcote nursery in the region. Before getting your child enrolled, you might be pondering some questions. We will answer them and see that we are the best Eastcote nursery.

Who are We?

We started Cheeky Chums nursery in 2009, with an occupancy of 50 kids. Over time now, we have opened three nurseries with space for 200 kids. Our expert team follows the early years’ foundation structure for the care and development of children from birth to 5 years of age. 

Our Parent Partnership Programme is the core of our success in which we work with the parents for their kids’ betterment. Our primary objective is to promote a safe, secure, and stimulating environment with excellent facilities for children at all of our nurseries.

Things that Make Our Best

Every parent has some expectations from a nursery before finalising them for their child. Our nurseries run under a single management team, so we follow a set of rules and abide by them. We completely understand our responsibility to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of all children on our premises. 

Within the region of Eastcote nursery following are the things that make us best:

  • We have well-trained and experienced staff that actively learns and responds to your child’s individual needs. Our team believes in creating an environment that will encourage children to develop a positive self-image.
  • Our dedicated and passionate staff members encourage children to develop a sense of autonomy and independence. We make them familiar with their heritage arising from their colour and ethnicity.
  • Our motive is to embed self-confidence in the kids of Eastcote nursery that will help them establish relationships with their peers.
  • We have safe and clean premises; after all, hygiene is the most crucial factor that promotes learning and creativity. A dedicated outdoor play area has been created for the children to bring them closer to nature.
  • To encourage and nurture a child’s physical and mental growth, we organise fun activities for each day. Childminders, nurseries and out-of-school clubs all plan their days by keeping children’s interests and enthusiasms in mind.
  • We believe all children must be safeguarded in Eastcote nursery from harm and exploitation, whatever their race or religion is. 

Health and Safety of Eastcote Nursery Children

We work towards making children, parents and staff aware of health and safety issues. It is important to minimise the risks that can contradict the children’s ability to thrive in a safe and healthy environment. Our Eastcote nursery team has dedicated staff members responsible for the children’s health and safety. They have a fully auditable programme for health and safety training and ensur eall staff are kept up to date with teh latest government regulations and guidelines.

The essential factor in the safety of everyone is based on the risk assessment that can minimise injury and ill health to children, staff and everyone else. Risk assessment is vital to assess the level of risks that are carried out and will be reviewed on a regular basis. 


Cheeky Chums Eastcote nursery is designed to keep children safe and engaged with well planned learning activities. We provide the optimum setting where every child feels safe, valued and loved. By now you may have realised why we are considered best Nursery in Eastcote. You can look at the testimonials of satisfied and happy parents on our website. Give your child the care and learning experience they need. Contact Cheeky Chums Eastcote nursery today!

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