Diwali Celebrations Pinner

Diwali Pinner – Diwali is known as the ‘Festival of Light’
At Cheeky Chums Pinner we celebrated Diwali by making a display table with Rangoli patterns, tea lights and decorated the nursery with colourful lights.
Staff and children were encouraged to dress up in their finest clothes and both children and staff came to nursery in traditional clothes. Staff read stories to the children about Rama and Sita.
Parents and grandparents were invited to join us in the afternoon for a Special Diwali Party. Parents brought in assorted sweets and savouries for us to share. Our chef made a special tea with Samosas, spring rolls, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and Diwali Kheer (Rice Pudding).
Parents engaged in our activities. We listened to traditional Indian music and had a choice of making Rangoli patterns with rice or coloured powder, decorating Diya Lamps, having their hands decorated with Henna or dancing with Dandiya sticks



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