Choosing a Nursery for Your Child

Undoubtedly, finding suitable childcare can be a challenging task. Various factors need attention before choosing a nursery. Preparing your kid and yourself for the changes is the most vital thing. But how will you know your child will be happy? Will the nursery take care of your child? There might be more such questions in your head.

Therefore, we have developed the steps that will guide you better. When you follow these steps, choosing a nursery for your child will be easier. For the safety of your child, you should follow these simple steps. Let’s get started and see how you can get the perfect childcare place. 

STEP 1: Create A List

The first step is to shortlist the nurseries available near your area. During this step, you should check:

  • The number of hours a nursery will provide childcare a day.
  • What is the hourly, daily, or weekly cost?
  • Does the nursery have a place for your child?

After making a list, finalise the ones that you like the most. Now, move to the next step of choosing a nursery.

STEP 2: Visit The Shortlisted Nurseries

The next step is to visit the nurseries you like. It is better to ask some questions in person about childcare. The main reason to do this is many nurseries show something else than what they do. Before choosing a nursery, you must ensure that your child will be with excellent and safe people. Check the things that you need to look at:

  • Trained and experienced staff with a big welcome to your child.
  • Safe and clean premises with outside space to play.
  • Cultural sensitivity towards the children’s home life.
  • The ratio of staff to the children is also essential to check.
  • Daily routines and meals for children for their growth and happiness.

Moreover, you can also ask anything that matters to you while visiting before choosing a nursery.

STEP 3: Check The Quality

Every child care provider is not suitable for your child. You must check the quality of the nurseries, children’s centres, etc. Mainly the nurseries looking for kids under the age of eight are registered with Ofsted. Are the ones you like registered on the official website of Ofsted? So, you can check this before choosing a nursery.

STEP 4: Take References

One thing that will help you most is the reference of other parents. It would be best if you get to see at least two references. Any nursery should be happy to share the reference of the satisfied parents. However, it is a fact that what suits other parents might not be best for you. So, also remember this before choosing a nursery.

STEP 5: Finally Book

In the last step, book the nursery for your child. While finalising the place, arrange the details such as start date, daily hours, etc. You should also be aware of the person allowed to pick your kid. One thing to remember is that you might need to pay the retainer fee. It is for the time until your child starts going to the nursery.

At Last

If you are also interested in choosing a nursery for your child, you can consider Cheeky Chums. You might like us, and we would love to provide a safe and healthy environment for your child’s growth.

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