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As a well-known phrase says, home is the first place of learning for any growing child. A child learns many things from home. Despite this, the child’s exposure to the outer world misses. He is somewhat in a shell at home and needs extra communication with the other children of the same age group. Also, the teacher at the pinner nursery helps the kids enhance their communication skills. Also, kids who visit high-quality nursery schools enter the school with higher reading skills, enhanced vocabularies, and a strong base with maths. 

Are you looking for the most suitable Nursery for your child in Pinner? Your search ends here. Let’s check out how Cheeky Chums Pinner Nursery can be a good place for your kids in terms of learning, growth, and development as a whole. 

All about the Nursery

Pinner Nursery is based at the crossing of Eastcote Road and Marsh Road in Pinner, HA5. The premises also has a private car parking area on Eastcote Road to make pick and drop-off of the children more manageable. The Nursery has a total of 88 children. 

How Pinner Nursery stands Out from Others

It can be challenging for many parents to find quality childcare. As parents, safety is an important aspect when selecting a good nursery for your child. 

Every parent has a specific benchmark for their child and expects a certain level of facilities. 

Pinner Nursery consists of the following characteristics which make it an excellent choice for Pinner Parents:

  1. Our staff are well-trained and highly experienced. They regularly participate in training events to ensure all staff are updated with the latest early years requirements. 
  2. Our team believes in creating an environment that encourages children to develop a positive self-image. 
  3. Our dedicated and passionate staff members enhance the children to form a sense of independence and confidence. 
  4. We encourage all of the children to interact with one another and learn to play and be considerate of each other.
  5. Physical play is also encouraged with regularly outdoor play in our own garden. We also schedule frequent walks to Pinner park.
  6. The Learning schedule is carefully planned and follows strict Early Years guidelines as per government advice, giving every child the best start.

About the Manager:

Cynthia Duncan, the Nurseries Manager, has been in childcare service for over 23 years. Also, she has worked for several childcare institutions, schools, private daycare, and social services. Cynthia is always keen to take care, provide love, and nurture children of all ages.


Cheeky Chums Pinner Nursery certainly can be an excellent choice for parents looking for a good learning environment for their kids, with a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor activities.

So if you wish to know more about our staff, facilities, and learning programme, please get in touch with us at the  Pinner Nursery, and we would love to show you around! Call 020 8868 2621 Now for more information!

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