Best playful activities for children that will help them learn



As a parent, there is no hiding that keeping your child occupied is the most challenging task in the world. Since children have a short attention span, you have to be on your toes all the time. Couple that with the pandemic right now when most nurseries and playschools are shut, the parents go through hell. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – there are several fun, playful activities that your children can do to keep them busy and help them learn. These activities are simple yet fun and have an intellectually stimulating effect on your child to support their development.

Here are some playful activities that you can play with your little ones.

Knock the letter cup

This activity is a combination of letters and sport. It would help if you had some plastic cups to start and then write one letter on each. Now you can line up the cups in a row and spread them out on the ground. Next, tell your child to kick a small football or a soft ball towards the cups with letters. Once they knock down a cup, ask them to read the letter on the cup aloud. You can even increase the difficulty by saying the letter and asking your child to aim for that particular cup.


Everyone has played with playdough as a kid. Playdough is an excellent way for children to bring their imagination to life and be good family time. It develops their finger strengths for a lifetime of writing and teaches creativity, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. You can add beads and threads to allow the children to experiment and let their dreams influence their creation.


Children love to role-play and dress up. You can get some toy chef’s kit or doctor’s kit, and just like play dough, let your children have run wild with their imagination. If you want, you can add some facts and knowledge about the respective fields. Children love to mimic adults around them, and dressing up will help them explore the adult world, interests, and roles. It will also help encourage their social interaction.

Alphabets on pillows

You will need a pack of paper plates, packing tape, and pillows. Write a single letter on each plate and then stick them on the pillow using the packing tape. Once you’ve completed this step, spread the pillows around the room. Now tell your children to start from one side of the room and try to jump across to the other end without going on the floor. While they jump from pillow to pillow, have them say each letter written on each pillow. This is a great way to burn off some energy in children.


Children love sand! It is the perfect playfield for toddlers and offers plenty of foundational learning, physical development and self-confidence building. When they play in the sand with their pals, it teaches them teamwork, social skills and sharing. While digging, scooping, sifting, and pouring, children learn how to build things and hand-eye coordination, which are essential for their adult life chores.

Concluding note

There you go, parents! Some great, playful and foundational activities that will keep your children busy and help them develop their overall mental and physical health and social skills. Parenting can be difficult during these testing times but do not lose hope. If you’re looking for a fantastic nursery that provides uncompromised childcare, visit our website – Cheeky Chums


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