Cheeky Chums Day Care Nursery
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 8:00am to 6:00pm
All other arrangements on request
Edgware (Pre-school): 020 8952 6131
Edgware (Under 3): 020 8951 5060
Pinner: 020 8868 2621
Uxbridge: 01895 272 970



41-42 South Parade Mollison Way Edgware, HA8 5QL Ofsted Registration Number: EY392399 View Report Inspection Outcome: Outstanding Ofsted Registration Number: EY441961 View Report Inspection Outcome: Outstanding


Pre-school: 020 8952 6131 Under 3: 020 8951 5060


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday. 8.00am to 6.00pm
Our nursery in Edgware is spread over two premises across the road from each other at a really convenient location. Separated by age of the children, the two premises count as two separate nurseries and are inspected separately by Ofsted. However, they are run under a single management team. There is plenty of free parking outside so drop-offs and pick-ups are really easy. We have a capacity for 128 children, 50 pre-school and 78 for under 3 years of age. Both premises are non-smoking as required by law.  

A note from the Manager

Having my experience spread over three continents, I have worked in the Early Years since 2000. I am a qualified international diploma holder in Montessori Pedagogy and have been working in management since 2011. It was my curiosity of understanding how children learn led me to pursue as a career, and as a mother, I appreciate the influence we adults have on the ‘Absorbent minds’.

I am able to speak seven languages. I cherish diversity and admire how different communities come together to work towards making this miracle of life achieve its full potential. I have always enjoyed working in partnership with parents to build a strong rapport of mutual respect and understanding. In my spare time, I enjoy making personalised quilts and reading books.

Masuma Ismail